Trophy Rush rant

Yeah Trophy Rush was really fun when I was getting loads of new trophies and custom parts, but now that I’ve been continuously grinding for the last few trophies and hats (already have all custom moves), the flaws are starting to make themselves known. The first thing is that the stage is way too small, which really doesn’t help given that large boxes and bombs are continuously falling (hello claustrophobia), the death zone is no more than 2 feet below the stage so if you fall at all, you’re dead and get deducted for around 10 seconds (which equates to A LOT of gold), and the bombs are indestructible, blow up half the screen and frequently knock off coveted custom parts. However this would all be worth it if not for one thing: You’re not guaranteed anything new. I get that you should get less new stuff as you get more stuff, but now I keep playing Trophy Rush and ending up with nothing I didn’t already have. Each session of 2:30 costs a whopping 900 gold, so all my savings are wearing thin fast. For spending that much gold you should guarantee me at least ONE new trophy or custom part. This mini-game wishes it was nearly as fun as Brawl’s Coin Launcher. Now THAT was an enjoyable mini-game.



Mega Hoopa is referenced in the first Pokemon games!

Remember when the NPC from Red/Green/Blue asks “Do you believe in ghosts?”  She then proceeds to claim that there’s a white hand on the player’s shoulder.  Now we finally have a Pokemon to link that hand with!

Hoopa is a to-be-announced Psychic\Ghost type legendary Pokemon capable of creating wormholes through the use of various golden rings.  Take a look at its sprite.  Therefore, as referenced in its sprite, Mega Hoopa is capable of using a golden ring to place its “white hand” on the shoulder of someone even in the Kanto region.  Neat, eh?